sat-su-ma is a plant-dyed organic clothing line designed by Özge Horasan.
It all started in 2013 when she moved from the capital where she was born, grew and studied botany to a small town on the Aegean coast of Turkey.
She began experimenting with natural dyes and as getting to know the alchemy behind this artisanship, as well as its intuitional and healing side, she also felt yearning for making clothes, which she was familiar with since her childhood.
sat-su-ma has started as natural-dyed hand-made garments. We have used traditional dyeing recipes, which included hours of fabric boiling. The end product was environmentally safe however, it was consuming too much energy and water. 
So, in 2016, we have improved our natural-dyeing technic with a more innovative, sustainable and less energy consuming one, cold dyeing. Also, we have started using Aegean grown organic cotton only. Our clothes are made by a local fair trade company and we hand-dye each one of them with organic plant dyes in our studio. 
Our clothes are practical for everyday, any occasion. Add smooth and natural colours from plants, that are always a pleasure to match, to effortlessly good together, simple, yet easy cuts. We believe in a decluttered lifestyle. So, it is important for us that, either going for a walk or a dinner, spending time in the office or just picking some apples in the garden, you feel at ease wearing sat-su-ma. 
Our homeland is the Aegean, where the sun is always bright and the smell of flowering olive trees mix with citrus. Life is smooth and attuned with nature. Fruitfulness and tranquility of this ancient land inspire and nurture us. This is why we never stop showing respect in return and always recommend doing the same.
Reconnect with Earth and dress yourself in a more refined and responsible manner.