The thing about natural dyeing that thrills me the most is its ‘endless possibilities’. For over two years, I’ve made hundreds of dyeing and every single one was another story. Still, there are countless possibilities that I’m not even aware of.

In the first photo, the cotton threads are dyed with Pinus brutia, alkanet, cochineal and cutch, from left to right. In the second photo, one more skein dyed with Calendula is added. This is the first time I’ve made this grey from alkanet roots. First time I’ve tried Pinus brutia, cutch and Calendula. Another first, cochineal is not even a plant, it’s an insect. 

You can’t actually hold the nature in your hands because it’s unpredictable and ever changing, but I can hold the colors that I borrowed from it and this never loses any charm.

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